VDEX Diabetes Treatment Center

-Did you check your blood sugar levels this morning? Was your Hb A1c level above 7? If so, it’s time to call VDex Treatment Center at 575-488-2720,


-VDex Diabetes Treatment Centers specialize in diabetes treatment plans focused on you


-VDEX makes the treatments easier using state-of-the-art, FDA approved treatments that involve much less sticking yourself with needles or taking pills that make you feel lousy.


-If your blood sugar level is high, get it under control Call V Dex Treatment Center at 575-488-2720. Look for them locally at Three Crosses Hospital in Las Cruces. Most insurances are accepted.


-Find them online at V D E X Diabetes dot com. VDex, Freedom from Diabetes.

3299 Del Rey Blvd, Las Cruces NM

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