Allen Theatres

-It’s finally here, the broadcast you’ve been waiting for and everyone’s talking about! Jack Lutz, live and in person at Allen Theatre’s Telshor 12 in Las Cruces!


-This Thursday, he’s taking the Rock n Roll Ride Home out of the studio and straight to the movies!


-Jack will be live by the new Telshor 12 Adult Beverage Counter from 5pm to 7pm, shouting out the awesome theater staff, talking Spider Man, the Matrix, and saying hi to all you local movie goers.


-Get your show times, tickets, and location info at That’s Allen: A, double L, E, N.


-Join Jack for the Rock N Roll Ride Home, live from Allen Theatre’s Telshor 12, 5pm to 7pm. 2811 North Telshor, just above Sam’s.