Allen Theaters

-It’s a new year and a great new week to head out to Allen Theaters!


-Opening this week at both Telshor 12 and Cineport 10 is “The 355”, an exciting espionage thriller starring Jessica Chastain.


-And starting this Friday, you can watch “The 355” in Telshor 12’s premier Dolby Atmos auditorium-where you can experience a new dimension of sound that’ll create a more immersive viewing than at home in your living room. Exclusively at Telshor 12.


-Speaking of Telshor 12, 101 Gold’s Jack Lutz will be broadcasting live this Friday from 5pm-7pm near their exclusive adult beverage counter-enjoy your movie with wine, beer, select spirits and mixed drinks.


-For location information and showtimes, check out