Toucan Market Rock ‘n’ Roll Ride Home

Toucan Market Rock ‘n’ Roll Ride Home


Your proud sponsor of the Rock n’ Roll Ride Home is Toucan Market, that friendly, local grocery store on University Avenue!


Locally made salsas, wide selection of fresh local produce, specialty products, and more, Toucan Market has everything you need.


Mondays, find out what real chicken tastes like without all the antibiotics with a whole roasted Red Bird Chicken!


Tuesdays are seniors’ day! If your 60 and over, enjoy 10% off all non-sale items across the store.


Wednesdays are for steaks! Grab your New Mexico Beef or Iowa Premium brand steak and make dinner stand out!


Thursdays, get that fresh baked French Bread from the bakery, perfect for that pasta you were thinking about making tonight.


Fridays mean fresh Oysters at Toucan Market! Plus, don’t forget those fresh fruits and vegetables for the weekend!


If you haven’t been to Toucan Market, it’s time to go! 1701 East University Avenue in the Pan Am Plaza and online at

3299 Del Rey Blvd, Las Cruces NM

Proud Sponsor of KVLC 101 Gold’s Name That THANG!