New Mexico Lottery Gold Rush with OPO Scratcher Games- LISTEN TO WIN YOURS

It’s a Gold Rush at the New Mexico Lottery and we’re celebrating their new ORO Scratcher games. There are FOUR new ORO games and a second chance drawing for a chance to win up to $1 Million. Want to win? Tune in when you hear the cue to call and we’ll play the song. All you have to do is sing “ORO scratchers!” and win a Lottery prize that includes twenty Lottery bucks and a cool ORO T-shirt! For your chance to win, tune in for the cue to call intro the station throughout your workday! 


About the ORO Song:

Early this year, the New Mexico Lottery invited New Mexicans to submit original songs for a chance to win cash and a recording session in a professional sound studio. The entries were so amazing that we awarded three runners-up. Arthur Esquibel of Albuquerque won the contest. His song will be featured in the ORO Scratcher radio and TV campaigns.


You can listen to the winning ORO entries here:


About the ORO Scratchers: – 4 GAMES!

The ORO games go on sale April 3. There are 4 glittery golden-themed games:

  • $5,000 ORO, a $2 Scratcher, featuring $5,000 Top Prizes
  • ORO Crossword, a $5 Scratcher, featuring $25,000 Top Prizes, Two Crossword Puzzles and a Bonus Word Puzzle
  • $50,000 ORO, a $10 Big Ticket (it’s HUGE!), featuring over $2.4 Milllion in prizes, $50,000 Top Prizes and 2 Bonus Prize Boxes; and
  • $100,000 ORO, a $20 Scratcher featuring more than $4.1 Million in prizes including $100,000 Top Prizes


About the ORO Second-Chance Promotion

Plus, players can enter eligible non-winning ORO Scratcher games in a Second-Chance Promotion. Second-chance prizes include $200 Gift Card prizes AND a chance to win up to $1 Million!


Entry and info at – click on “Promotions” and look for and click on the ORO circle icon:  


Did you know?

ORO is the Spanish word for gold.


Throughout history it has been collected, coveted, sought after, fought over, and treasured.


History weaves tales of pirates, expeditions, treasure seekers and rumors of civilizations all motivated by gold. New Mexico has its own rich history with gold. The discovery of placer gold in the Ortiz Mountains in Santa Fe County resulted in the FIRST gold rush in the western United States.


Benefits info

More than 144,000 New Mexico students have received a Legislative Lottery Scholarship

More than $980 Million has been raised for New Mexico education

Info about the scholarships:


The ORO SCRATCHERS Song – by Arthur Allan Esquibel:


Oro Scratchers!


If you’d like a thrill

Well, you’re in for a stunner

All you have to do

is follow the roadrunner

Oro Scratchers!


New Mexico Lottery

Has the golden treasure

Search it out

By every measure –

Oro Scratchers!


Entry and info

(at) n m lottery dot come

Oro Scratchers!