(Audio) The Square Peg Podcast- S2-E7- Joel Ojeda, The Bearded Ref in the Gold Corner


Meet Joel Ojeda-  A Dad, a Nurse, an MMA referee, and a man who has stepped up after serious heartbreak to help others. His YouTube channel “The Gold Corner” is in its second season, covering heavy topics and heroes who are making life better for the world. Here his story on the latest episode of The Square Peg Podcast!

Joel is the founder and creator of the YouTube channel "The Gold Corner" as well as The Gold Corner Nonprofit Organization 501(c)3. He's also an ordained minister, author, motivational speaker and Mixed Martial Arts Referee.

"I created this channel in honor of my forever 2-year-old daughter Mia who passed away from Neuroblastoma in July 2018. This channel is dedicated to all the brave little warriors who have fought and the ones that are currently fighting childhood cancer and to speak about them as they are, WARRIORS."

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