City Reminds Residents Not to Consume Cannabis in Public, Outdoors


The City of Las Cruces reminds cannabis consumers that while the unofficial “4/20 International Pot Smoking Day” was Wednesday, April 20, 2022, there still are rules regarding outdoor and public consumption.

Several Las Cruces businesses have expressed interest in conducting special events to celebrate the unofficial cannabis holiday. But those, too, must adhere to the laws.

Special events are allowed under the temporary uses section of the Las Cruces Municipal Code, but public and outdoor consumption is still not allowed. Violations can carry a misdemeanor charge and a $50 fine.

Special events may permit celebrations with music, food and vendors, but sales and consumption must occur in a licensed and secured area as determined by state regulators.

Las Cruces City Ordinance 2986 addresses zoning and cannabis uses and limits consumption to only indoors.

On April 1, New Mexico became the 18th state to allow adults to purchase recreational cannabis through the passage of House Bill 2.

Ordinance 2986:



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