Community Spotlight- ACTion Programs For Animals (Audio)

Michel Meunier with Action Program for Animals

written by Justin Adkins of Bravo Mic Communications 

In one way or another, people are passionate creatures. A spark flashes inside someone. That spark gets fanned into a flame, fueling someone to do…what? When does an action become a purpose? For an answer, we look-this week-to Michel Meunier.

Michel Meunier is the Founder and Executive Director of Action Program for Animals, an organization she began putting together in 2009. “It all came about because back then we were killing a lot of animals at the shelter. I wanted to model something I learned about called the ‘No Kill Equation’,” Michel explains during a one-on-one conversation with Ricky T of Magic 104.9 fm. “I’m proud to say, since then-10 years or more now-we have turned the tables around and are saving more animals than we’re killing.”

Michel’s love for animals and their well-being is hardly her professional career. Her full-time job involves working for the federal government. “I was involved in animal welfare in El Paso,” Michel says of her time before APA. It was how her passion became not just a part-time action, but a driving purpose. That purpose would become Action Program for Animals and its umbrella of programs and services that have been adding true value to the Las Cruces community.

Despite the obstacles brought on by the COVID pandemic, Michel and Action Program for Animals have been doing their best, not just to endure, but to strive forward. She credits the community for that. “We have gotten a lot of support during this time.” And of the weeks and months still to come for APA and Las Cruces, Michel says, “I’m hopeful” When it comes to the various forms of support Action Programs for Animals have received from friends and neighbors around the city, Michel adds with great appreciation, “Every bit is appreciated.”

For more information about how you can help Action Program for Animals, visit or stop by the Second Chance Thrift Store at 2475 N Main St.

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