Community Spotlight- Comet Cleaners Las Cruces (Audio)

Dan Schneider from Comet Cleaners Las Cruces

written by Justin Adkins, Sales Coordinator for Bravo Mic Communications 

The American dream might be defined as…what? Ask five friends and you’re likely to get five different answers. And, no answer is necessarily a bad one. For people like Dan Schneider in Las Cruces, the American dream is simply defined as independence.

This week’s Community Spotlight is on Comet Cleaners, and Ricky Tarin of Magic 104.9 caught up with Dan recently to see how local business is moving forward-

“I came out of the military and…ever since I can remember I wanted to have my own business. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit,” Dan explains when he recently sat down with Ricky T for a one on one phone interview. He began his journey of being his own boss with the purchase of a struggling little dry cleaner.  “Over the years, through hard work and the grace of God, we’ve been able to build it up to where we can provide a good service and take care of a lot of families here in Las Cruces.”

Dan and Crew give back to Las Cruces with Coats for Kids

It’s been a twenty-five-year journey for Dan, his family, and his staff. Dan has seen his share of ups, downs, and changes in the industry, to say nothing of the overall business environment. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re just grateful to be open,” he says of the difficult time the crisis has brought to Las Cruces. “We’re just very thankful…every customer that comes in…we’ve always appreciated our customers, but now we appreciate them even more.”

Any good business learns how to adapt, to remain fluid in a changing culture or environment. Even a dry cleaning business. Pick-up and delivery now available to Comet customers, amongst other things. Dan credits one of his employees for another change they’ve made to help serve the community. “Our seamstress said to me…’ Hey, let’s make masks.’ So, I said sure, let’s make some.” A month later and demand continues to be high. Each one is handmade using a 3-ply filtering material and available for purchase for only $5.

“I’m the eternal optimist,” Dan says, reflecting on the continued journey he, along with all of Las Cruces, is on. “I think we’re going to get through this like we get through just about everything else.” And, he’s confident we’ll do it as a community.

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