Community Spotlight- Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant (Audio & Video)

This week’s Las Cruces Today Community Spotlight was written by Justin Adkins, Marketing Coordinator for Bravo Mic Communications

Community Spotlight- Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant

What makes a great restaurant? Is it more than just good food? Vince Vacarro might know.  He’s the owner of Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant on University Avenue.  For the last twenty-five years, Vince has successfully managed to make his restaurant a favorite of so many in Las Cruces and a staple of the city.

When it comes to that success, Vince hardly hogs the spotlight.  For him, it’s all about family and community.  “I’ve had people with 18 years, 12 years…we take care of each other as we take care of the community,” he explains.  “That’s always been the principle.  Yeah, I like serving really good food, but I like being part of the community and being involved and helping people.”

You can hear his full interview with Jack Lutz of 101 Gold here

It was way back in 1995 that Vince introduced Lorenzo’s and its unique blend of traditional Italian recipes with southern New Mexico flavors and world-famous ingredients to the Mesilla Valley.  “Growing up, I never even knew what green chili was.”  Things are much different now, of course.  And in more ways than one.

Changing up recipes is one thing.  Learning to deal with a pandemic while keeping a business going has been a very different life lesson altogether.  “It was a bigger change than I thought it was going to be.”  He credits his staff, most of whom he’s been able to keep employed, for helping make the changes needed for Lorenzo’s to survive this unusual time.  Between curbside service, to-go ordering, and in-house delivery, Vince and his crew have been able to continue providing most of the menu to customers.  He’s also been able to continue helping the community by teaming up with Pic Quick for giveaways and donating food from the restaurant to Community of Hope.

And the crew is sharing the message, Stay #LoyalToLocal by working with other restaurants throughout Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico.

Despite the adjustments made during this time of COVID-19, Vince is looking forward to opening his doors and welcoming customers back to his tables.  “In the long run, I think this might show us a couple ways of making business better for everybody if that’s the only silver lining we can get out of this whole thing.”


Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant

1753 E University Ave

(575) 521-3505