Community Spotlight- Nessa’s Cafe Encourages Community Kindness (Video)

Author- Justin Adkins, Marketing Consultant/ Bravo Mic Communications

Nessa’s Café is the little, yellow building on West Picacho. You’ve probably driven by. But, if you haven’t stopped for a visit then you haven’t met owner Vanessa and her crew. Nessa’s Cafe stands out, not just because of their bright yellow walls, but because of Vanessa’s excitement as a business owner, her dedication to her craft, and her love for her customers.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In fact, Vanessa describes it as “a rollercoaster because you always have your tough times and your good times.” Add in the new stress of the COVID-19 pandemic along with social distancing measures that have impacted the community, and suddenly Vanessa-like so many other business owners around Las Cruces-is having to deal with a recipe she never expected. “It’s still fun,” Vanessa explains warm-heartedly, though she says, “it’s a little scarier now because of the unknown.”

Despite that unknown, Vanessa and her staff are still turning on the lights each day to serve up her own scratch-made breakfasts, lunches, and desserts. It’s these popular items, along with unique weekly specials, that Vanessa is inviting everyone around Las Cruces to share with healthcare workers, first responders and neighbors they know with the purchase of a $40 Blazin’ Deal for just $20. They are certificates that make perfect gifts for those fighting hard to keep us safe and healthy.



Vanessa told us the café misses its customers coming inside. “We’re so used to…having them come in and enjoy themselves.” In the meantime, the drive-thru is open. Vanessa is ready for Nessa’s Café to become your new favorite spot, even if she can only wave to you through the window.


Nessa’s Café is located at 901 W Picacho.