Community Spotlight- Peak Behavioral Health

Community Spotlight- Peak Behavioral Health

How are you doing?  It can be a simple enough question.  But what if it’s not?  These have been some very difficult and stressful times for almost everyone. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, taking a closer look at our emotional well-being in the time of COVID-19 has even more relevance for both adults and children.

Dr. Peter K. Sangra, a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist at Peak Behavioral Health Services here in Southern New Mexico, answers the question about what to look for when stress might be more than just the feeling of a day gone bad.  Dr. Sangra explains, “When that stress…lifts off and goes away and the symptoms are still present,” a more serious form of anxiety or depression may be settling in.  For adults, Dr. Sangra says symptoms may include, “fatigue, headache, muscle weakness, even sleeping issues.”  Increases in the use of alcohol, nicotine, or the introduction of recreational drugs may be signs of developing problems.  “Early signs for children are irritability, anger,” amongst others, Dr. Sangra adds.  “And when you start seeing mood…and patterns which are…different from the norm, then they start becoming a little concerning.”

While professional treatments, like some of those offered by the Peak Behavioral facilities in Las Cruces and Santa Teresa, may be needed, Dr. Sangra offers advice on steps that can be taken at home.  He recommends starting with simple things that might easily be taken for granted.  “Walking the dog, taking a deep breath, relaxing, …a nice bubble bath, …praying, connecting with God, connecting with family, …dancing in the kitchen,” with a loved one were just a few ideas he shared.

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When clinical treatment might becomes necessary, Dr. Sangra and the staff at Peak Behavioral Health Services are ready to help. They’ve been implementing steps like wearing medical masks and taking temperatures regularly in their clinics even before the pandemic.  Treatment begins with a free consultation and includes outpatient therapy-some of which can be done online. “We are here to support everyone in the community. We love you. We are all going to get through this together.”

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