County Offers No-Cost Bus Rides to Residents


Doña Ana County partnered with South Central Regional Transit District (SCRTD) to offer public transit rides at no-cost to riders starting April 1 through June 30. The rides will be offered for all four routes, which connect to Las Cruces Roadrunner Transit and El Paso’s Sun Metro.

Public transit is a much-needed option for anyone who is impacted by the higher gas prices the nation is experiencing. Choosing to use city buses, shuttles and other public transit vehicles can greatly benefit residents and the community. It is a safe form of transportation that can be used for shopping, for students going to and from school, relief for parents who serve as drivers for unlicensed teenagers, for attending medical appointments, and for being more helpful to the environment by lowering the number of gas-powered vehicles on the road.

“Our work here involves finding ways to improve service to residents and provide access to services that can add to the quality of life within the county. This investment supports one of our community partners while also providing a service that can benefit many Doña Ana County residents,” County Manager Fernando Macias said. “As SCRTD’s ridership increases, they can continue to offer more convenient routes for residents to connect them to more locations throughout the county.”

County management is mindful of the financial strain many residents face. When resources are available, thoughtful consideration is given on how to make the biggest impact. “We are proud to support the growth of SCRDT in Doña Ana County,” County Commission Chair Manuel Sanchez said. “We are experiencing beautiful weather and our businesses have opened back up, so this is a great time to encourage residents to ride public transit. If you normally ride, this will offer some financial relief. If you have never ridden before, we invite you to try it, at the County’s expense.”

The support of SCRTD is another example of the County’s financial support being used to help stabilize the community. Programs like the emergency rental assistance program (ERAP) have already proven successful with more than $8,197,445 distributed to 1,457 households to date.  These help people recover from the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic on household finances. The expectation is that this public transit initiative will help off-set transportation expenses for those who choose to take advantage of the no-cost rides.

SCRTD transportation schedules and information are available at or by calling 575-323-1620.

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