Critics Question Validity of COVID-19 Data Reports from China and U.S.A

“Using data from the widely circulated Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracking map”, John Hopkins University has procured a wide variety of useful resources detailing some key metrics about the global and national spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  For United States citizens the graphs can come across as pretty daunting, showing our country to be far behind the rest of the world and consequently making us responsible for around 1/4 of all COVID-19 cases on Earth.

It is worth mentioning that the validity of the data has come into question by critics, with some claiming that the United States is over-reporting COVID-19 cases, and others claiming China under-reported theirs.  Others, however, critique the United States on their lack-luster response to the deadly pathogen, and commend China on their pro-activity.  Most reports show that China sequenced the genome fast, took initiative to track and quarantine the virus, and approached the situation with the utmost severity; whereas the United States neglected to heed the warnings of COVID-19 projections, and U.S. citizens are much less likely to listen to authority (because we are founded by the kinship of rebels against tyranny).

The reality is, China forced every person in Wuhan to be quarantined within the city limits when there was less than 600 cases.  Wuhan has almost 3 million more residents than New York City.  For reference, NYC still hasn’t closed its borders and it is quite unlikely that they ever will.

With all the rumors, reports, and research being done on the Coronavirus, it can be difficult to know which sources to believe.  That is why we recommend looking at the statistics and scientific data from reliable sources, such as those provided here by John Hopkins University.  You can be sure to trust Las Cruces Today as well!  We make sure to fact-check and screen every report that we publish with extreme care, especially in a time where information could be the difference between sickness and health.

Stay healthy Las Cruces!