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A 31 year old woman crashed her car into a rock wall and had to be hospitalized yesterday. The crash injured the woman’s 11 year old daughter. The accident occurred early in the morning around 12:45A.M.

Officers arrived at the 4600 block of Helia Avenue and found the car in the backyard of a home. The woman driving the car was trapped inside and had to be extricated. Her daughter was hospitalized at Mountainview Regional Medical Center with a broken leg. The woman was taken to El Paso after being rendered unconscious by the collision.

Police believe the car was speeding along Sonoma Ranch Boulevard when it veered to the other side of the road and potentially into oncoming traffic; a police report said the vehicle then “left the roadway and (went) through several vacant lots before it crashed through a rock wall” in the backyard of the home on Helia Avenue.


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