Everything You Need For This Weekend’s Graduation Celebration


Possible Traffic Congestion During Drive-Thru Senior Celebration Ceremonies

Las Cruces police encourage residents of the Legends West neighborhood, and those who frequent North Motel Boulevard and Tashiro Drive, to be prepared for traffic congestion during the high school drive-thru senior celebration ceremonies scheduled for May 21 and May 22 at Field of Dreams.

Drive-thru senior celebrations will be held May 21 for Mayfield High School (9 a.m.), Arrowhead Park Early College High School (1:30 p.m.), and Las Cruces High School (6 p.m.). On May 22, drive-thru ceremonies will be held for Centennial High School (9 a.m.), Rio Grande Preparatory Institute (1 p.m.), and Onate High School (6 p.m.). All ceremonies are scheduled to be held near the west entrance of the Field of Dreams football stadium on Tashiro Drive.

Graduating students and their families will stage in the east parking lot of the Field of Dreams. The drive-thru senior celebration will loop around the north end of the stadium before driving through the west parking lot where graduates will be recognized for their achievements by faculty and school administrators. Students will then exit the west parking lot onto Tashiro Drive.

There will be no viewing or spectator area for the senior celebration. Friends or family of graduates will not be permitted to park along Motel Boulevard or Tashiro Drive.

Only properly licensed and insured drivers can operate vehicles. Police encourage participants to follow driver safety standards, properly use seatbelts, and drive with courtesy. LCPD also advises:

  • No speeding.
  • No leaning out window, standing through a sunroof, or riding in the bed of a pickup.
  • No loud music.
  • No cell phone use by the driver.
  • No weaving across the centerline of traffic.
  • No “rolling coal” or any manipulation of vehicle’s exhaust.
  • No accepting gifts, hugs, high-fives, etc. along the route.
  • No throwing objects from the vehicle (Silly String, confetti or water balloons, fireworks).
  • No exiting vehicle along the route.
  • No driving side-by-side.
  • No decorating or obstructing vehicle windshield.
  • No alcohol use or open containers by anyone in the vehicle.
  • No unnecessary obstructing of traffic.
  • No ATVs allowed.

Las Cruces Public Schools administrators are offering two new ways to show support for the Class of 2020, with the announcement that the senior celebrations happening outside the Field of Dreams this week will be broadcast live on KTAL community radio, 101.5 FM. Residents can also participate in a unique way from their homes or businesses. 

The Las Cruces community is invited to participate in a citywide “Class of 2020 Days” celebration on May 21 and 22. On those days, businesses are encouraged to display words of encouragement on marquee signs or offer discounts to seniors. At 8:20 p.m. – which is 20:20 in military time – everyone is encouraged to flash their porch lights, cheer outside or honk their car horns in honor of all Class of 2020 students.

Thursday and Friday’s drive-through style celebrations are scheduled on the same day and time as each school’s original graduation dates and will be live-streamed at www.lcps.tvKeeping with New Mexico’s current COVID-19 public health order, Las Cruces Public Schools conferred with area law enforcement to provide a unique way to mark the official end of the school year for seniors. Traditional commencement ceremonies will take place when it is safe to do so.  

A partnership with community radio station KTAL-FM was created to allow more people to experience the celebrations who might not have access to the internet. On May 21 and 22, teams of co-hosts will provide live commentary during the celebration ceremonies. All measures to ensure safe social distancing and minimal contact will be taken under advisement from New Mexico State Police. 

Las Cruces Police have advised that no public congregating along Motel Boulevard or Tashiro Road will be allowed. Signs will be posted, and motorists are advised to use caution in the area. 

The schedule for the senior celebrations is as follows

Mayfield High School

Thursday, May 21

9 a.m.

Arrowhead Park Early College High School/Arrowhead Park Medical Academy

Thursday, May 21

1:30 p.m.

Las Cruces High School

Thursday, May 21

6 p.m.

Centennial High School

Friday, May 22

9 a.m.

Rio Grande Preparatory Institute/Crossroads 

Friday, May 22

1 p.m.

Oñate High School

Friday, May 22

6 p.m.

One vehicle per graduate will be permitted in the processional. No more than five people, including the graduate, are allowed in each vehicle. Seniors are asked to sit in the passenger seat of the vehicle in order to receive graduation memorabilia and photos from Campos Creative School Portraits will be taken onsite.  

Las Cruces Police recommend the following safety precautions for families participating in the celebrations: 

  • Please refrain from speeding, weaving, cell phone use by the driver

  • No riding in the beds of pickup trucks or leaning out the window or sunroof on paved roadways

  • No loud music

  • Do not obstruct the windshield

  • Please ensure proper use of seatbelts and child safety seats for all passengers