Lt. Governor Howie Morales- Weekly State of New Mexico Update (Audio)

We are now nearly 2 full-months into our New Mexico Stay Home Public Health Order.

Lyndsey Kalson had her weekly conference call with New Mexico’s Lt. Governor, Howie Morales Monday morning, before his first official meeting of the week with the Governor and Cabinet members.

As of Monday, May, 11th all businesses operating in the State of New Mexico under the current Public Health Order must require face coverings for employees, and are encouraged to post signs asking their patrons to do the same.

Currently working remotely from Silver City, the Lt. Governor has turned Mondays into “Media Outreach Mondays” and went on to explain all team members are still working from home with the State Capitol closed. Hear the full interview here-

So, are we currently in Phase 1? This has been a common question posted in our comments section of Las Cruces Today and our affiliate social media channels. The answer:  No, this is the preparatory phase leading to phase 1 according to his explanation. Phase 1 should begin right at the beginning of June and will rely on daily data coming from the NM Department of Health, testing numbers, and more.

Certain areas will have more ability to open more than others, based on case numbers and we can anticipate 2 press conferences that are coming our way this week from the Governor's office.

Discussion of more state parks opening during the phases has been coming up often for the Governor's office, and we can watch for further announcements from the Department of Energy, Minerals and Natural resources in New Mexico.

Testing- The Lt. Governor himself has not been tested as of yet. And we talked about the importance of testing essential employees who have consistent contact with the public should be tested first and foremost, those with symptoms should also be prioritized. But testing everyone in the state is a goal, and those looking to be tested should be watching for more local testing dates coming our way soon in Las Cruces.

The Lt. Governor also mentioned that "going back to normal" won't really be possible until a vaccine becomes a reality, but the goal is to safely open the state back up under circumstances that will protect our health.

We also spoke about the national headlines of meat shortages due to outbreaks at packing plants across the nations, along with Monther's day bbq's leading to not seeing as much beef as normal in the Southern part of the state.

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