Spring into Action Food De

Spring into Action Food Delivery Day

Thursday the 26th of May was Bravo Mic’s delivery day to finally take all the donations made by the community to Casa de Peregrinos. We still needed to collect whatever had been recently donated at Pitre Kia, Del Valle Physical Therapy, and First Financial Credit Union, which gave us an excellent chance to thank them for all the hard work on their end.

Once we had made the rounds to collect those last minute donations, we headed down to Casa de Peregrinos. Evidently, when all the donations fit in a cubicle, you don’t realize how much was actually donated. After everything had been unloaded, organized, and weighed, the amount became clear. Thanks to everybody who donated, we were able to provide Casa de Peregrinos with $150 and 715.4 pounds (324.5 kilograms) worth of non-perishable food items. We’re incredibly proud to have been to help Casa de Peregrinos like this, and equally proud of our community for stepping up in a big way to make this possible. Keep an ear out on your favorite stations for our next community program!