5 o’ Clock Car Tunes by Indigo Mermaid

5 o’ Clock Car Tunes by Indigo Mermaid

Your 5 o’ Clock Car Tunes is brought to you by Indigo Mermaid, the premier metaphysical supply store in the Mesilla Valley!


If the world of crystals and auras is new to you, the friendly staff at Indigo Mermaid is ready to get you started on your metaphysical adventure.


Get that spiritual cleansing with Alma or that tarot card reading with Allie booked to make sure you start your summer off right! Available every Friday and Saturday. Call 575-339-7920.


It’s time to sign up for a special Protection Class happening at 5pm, Saturday July 23rd. Learn how to protect your energy, your home, and those things most precious along with the materials you’ll need. Registration is open now and the class costs $40.


Local vendors searching for summer events, contact Indigo Mermaid to find out how you can become a part of the Mystical Mermaid Festival, now on Saturday, August 27th from 10a-4pm!


Indigo Mermaid. 4001 Picacho Avenue. Open Monday through Saturday. Get more info at IndigoMeraid.com!

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