Katy Perry reacts to wardrobe malfunction, describes “joyful” sound of new album

Disney/Eric McCandless

On American Idol Monday night, Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction: The top of her silver metal top came loose, live on TV, and she had to clutch it to her chest to keep from exposing herself. She says she knew she was taking a risk by wearing it, but she wasn’t bothered.

“That song broke my top off!” Katy told Roman Collins, the contestant who was performing. She later had to kneel behind the judges’ table to cover herself up. “I wouldn’t call it a malfunction – I’d just call it an interesting moment on live television,” she told Access Hollywood after the show.

“It seems like every season I’m either tearing the seam of my pants or [something],” she added. “I’m just super expressive physically. I love this outfit so much, and I knew I was rolling the dice, but I was like, ‘Who cares?’”

Katy also talked to Access Hollywood about the sound of her new album, which as yet does not have a title or release date. “I just have yet to make a record from a place of feeling really happy and whole and full of love,” she said.

“And sometimes, artists are, like, ‘Oh, that’s boring.’ You wanna make music from, kinda like, a tougher place,” she continued. “But actually, it’s very bright and joyful — like pure joy and fun — and playful and celebratory and a party, is what it is.”

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