New Mexico Department of Agriculture presents the New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook

The 28-page holiday gift guide highlights New Mexico products


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LAS CRUCES, N.M. – With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones, making it the perfect time to think local. And there is no better gift than a homegrown item from New Mexico. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) presents the New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook to help you explore the unique gifts found in the Land of Enchantment.


The New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook is a 28-page online gift guide that highlights products grown in the state. From pecans to chile, New Mexico farmers, ranchers and processors, provide quality products for everyone to enjoy, both near and far.


Jeff Witte, New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture, encourages everyone to explore this lookbook and find the treasures inside.


“This 2022 New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook allows you to discover – or be reminded of – all the special traditions unique to the Land of Enchantment,” said Witte. “I hope you enjoy this treasure that features the tastes and the experiences of our endless traditions. There are many products you can give to loved ones or serve at your holiday events.”


The lookbook will include companies that are members of the NEW MEXICO–Taste the Tradition and –Grown with Tradition logo program. This program was created in 2000 to promote New Mexico products and identify them as grown or made in the state, but the program does so much more. New Mexico has a deep history that is rooted in the agricultural industry, and the Taste the Tradition/Grown with Tradition program expands these roots by giving these companies greater exposure to global and domestic markets.


One of the companies featured in the lookbook is New Mexico Sabor. New Mexico Sabor is an award-winning salsa company that distributes the taste of enchantment to consumers across the United States.


“We are so thrilled to be in this lookbook,” said Carla Gallegos-Ortega, owner of New Mexico Sabor. “This book will allow New Mexico products to be seen outside of New Mexico, giving us greater exposure. We saw a major increase in sales after our article in New Mexico True magazine, so we can only imagine what this is going to bring us!”


Another company being featured in the lookbook is Santa Fe Spirits with their Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey. This whiskey has a complex flavor profile that benefits from a very different type of smoked malt: mesquite. This results in a smooth, mellow, smoky flavor unique to Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey.


“Colkegan Whiskey is a single-malt whiskey that brings out the taste of enchantment since it is distilled right here in our backyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico,” said Colin Keegan, founder of Santa Fe Spirits. “Colkegan Whiskey has won several awards since its debut, and we can’t wait to share our unique whiskey with the rest of New Mexico in this year’s lookbook.”


New Mexico products aren’t the only items being showcased in the lookbook. On page seven of the book, you can find a list of New Mexico holiday traditions. New Mexico has a rich tradition filled with Spanish, Mexican and Native American history that has shaped the holidays in the state into what we know today. And there is no better place to showcase these traditions than in the 2022 New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook.

To view the lookbook, go to the Elevate New Mexico Agriculture website.



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