Pentagon Declassifies 3 Videos of Unidentified Flying Objects

The Pentagon has recently declassified 3 videos recorded by the U.S. Navy, in which pilots and cameras encounter “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) inside the Earth’s atmosphere. The first video was captured in 2004, and the second & third videos were captured in January of 2015. The clips are titled “FLIR.mp4”, “GOFAST.wmv”, and “GIMBAL.wmv” respectively, and they can be downloaded from the Naval Air Systems Command Website.

Some people have chosen to believe that these videos act as proof for alien existence, as they come directly from an official government source. The more skeptical crowd has pointed out possible inconsistencies, claiming that it may be a simple error in the infrared software, as there haven’t been any sightings of a similar nature since our infrared technology has been updated.

Back in 2017, the Pentagon went public with a previously secret program designed to study, seek out, and examine unidentified aerial phenomena. “Called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program,” reports, “it was run out of the Pentagon by former Department of Defense intelligence officer Luis Elizondo.”

The program was meant to address, “a wide range of ‘anomalous aerospace threats’” according to The Washington Post, “ranging from advanced aircraft fielded by traditional U.S. adversaries to commercial drones to possible alien encounters.” So the U.S. Government may have been more concerned with finding aircraft used by enemy states rather than aliens, but they did keep the whole thing secret from the American people, which is a little shady.

Thanks to the inverse square law, the radio signals from Earth begin to get weaker and weaker as they get further away from our planet, eventually disappearing into background radiation entirely. Some people predict that you must be as close as 15 light-years away to detect any signal sent out from Humans on Earth. So there may be alien life out there, after all. They just need to take a road trip close enough to our hometown and listen to our radio broadcast.