Peter Goodman is a writer-photographer who currently writes a Sunday newspaper column and weekly radio commentary, hosts a weekly two-hour radio discussion show, writes fiction and poetry, and sometimes practices law. Born and raised in New York, he lives in southern New Mexico. He has also driven a New York City cab, practiced law in San Francisco, delivered radio news (in English) on Taiwan, crossed the U.S. many times on motorcycles, and wandered with a camera through Mexico, China, Tibet, Iceland, and Peru. His novel, The Moonlit Path, will be available later this year.


THE SQUARE PEG PODCAST: Mold Breakers, Trailblazers and Takers of Roads Less Traveled.

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 Not everyone fits neatly into the molds set by society, yet these people make their ways and we’re here to listen to their stories. Host: ANDREW LAWRENCE- he’s been a Public Safety professional in the real world for two decades .  With a family and educational background, as well as a worldview not often found in his line of work, Lawrence has felt as if he’s straddled two worlds, ever careful not to lose his balance.  A Square Peg in a Round Hole. Now he’s sharing the stories of other Square Pegs, Moldbreakers, Trailblazers, and Takers of Roads Less Traveled with this new podcast series.EMAIL- Intro Music: Barrymore by the El Paso quartet #SearchlightNeedles.  Available on Apple Music.


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