Square Peg Podcast- S2 Ep. 5 with Wreck-It Randy McCarty


Wreck-It Randy McCarty is a well known Las Cruces local who loves to fight. Professionally. According to mymmanews.com, “When an MMA fighter is not signed to one of the major organizations, sometimes they do what they have got to do to pay the bills and still put a fight camp together.”

So how does Randy pull it off? Well, not like everyone else, that’s for sure. Hear more about his story with our latest episode of The Square Peg Podcast-


  • Name: Randy McCarty
  • Pro MMA Record: 13-11-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
  • Boxing 3-3-2
  • Nickname: Wreck-It
  • Current Streak: 4 Losses
  • Age: 46 | Date of Birth: 1974.06.11
  • Weight Class:  weight is 205/ light heavyweight
  • Affiliation: Briggs MMA
  • Height: 6'0" (183cm) | Reach: N/A
  • Born: Playas, New Mexico
  • Fighting out of: Las Cruces, New Mexico


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