Square Peg Podcast- S2E11- STEM for ALL with Jeremy Heyman, PHD

Jeremy Heyman PhD. is a native of the Pittsburgh area. He’s a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan who is the Associate Director of STEM Training and Ventures at Steppingstone Scholars, where he continues his professional career making sure students from underrepresented demographics aren’t overlooked in STEM education.

Learn how he’s breaking the mold on the Season 2 Finale of The Square Peg Podcast.

Season 3 Premiers Summer 2021
Not everyone fits neatly into the molds set by society, yet these people make their way and we’re here to listen to their stories.
Host: ANDREW LAWRENCE- he’s been a Public Safety professional in the real world for two decades.  With a family and educational background, as well as a worldview not often found in his line of work, Lawrence has felt as if he’s straddled two worlds, ever careful not to lose his balance.
A Square Peg in a Round Hole. Now he’s sharing the stories of other Square Pegs, Moldbreakers, Trailblazers, and Takers of Roads Less Traveled with this new podcast series.
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