Fireworks are fun for everyone, but they are still very dangerous and must be handled and used safely. Here are a few safety tips to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! Fireworks should only be lit off on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or dirt where there is no flammable vegetation nearby. Make sure to follow the directions on the labels carefully and do not alternate or use the fireworks in any way that differs from the instructions.

It is important to have a water source nearby, like a hose, to ensure that if anything catches fire you have a way to put it out. Soak any used fireworks in a tub of water and once they are cooled, safely dispose of them in the trash. When lighting the fireworks, make sure that once the firework is lit, you move a safe distance away while it goes off, and keep in mind that children should never use fireworks without adult supervision.

When purchasing fireworks, purchase them from a licensed vendor in town to ensure that they are legal within city limits and the fireworks themselves aren’t banned. In Las Cruces, the penalty of possessing and/or lighting banned fireworks in the city can include a prison sentence of up to 90 days and/or a fine that could be up to $500. Fireworks can be purchased from TNT fireworks from various locations around Las cruces, Planet Fireworks, and Diablo Fireworks. Fireworks can only be sold to people over the age of 16.

The Las Cruces Fire Department will be doing patrols around the city in search of anyone who is using or possessing illegal fireworks. Legal fireworks in the las Cruces include sparkling devices, smoke devices, cone fountains, crackling devices, cylindrical fountains, illuminating torches, and flitter sparklers. Fireworks that are illegal in Las Cruces are: Roman candles, aerial spinners, helicopters, mines, shells, chasers, firecrackers, missile-type rockets, and stick-type rockets.

While using fireworks we also need to keep pets’ safety in mind. It is advised that pet owners keep their pets indoors while fireworks are being used. Avoid walking your dog when fireworks are in use. The sound of fireworks can cause stress for animals so closing all doors and windows and turning on the T.V. or radio to drown out the noise of fireworks can help pets feel less anxiety. Using an anxiety vest can also help calm dogs during firework displays but remember to remove the vest when you are done. Just having your pets in a safe, secure, and quiet area in your home can help your pets drastically.

Have fun this 4th of July but most importantly be safe.


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