The Annual Bravo Mic Communications Community Giveback is Back!

We need your help to STUFF THE BUS for Las Cruces Public Schools, and it does not matter what changes the world throws at us.  We’re partnering with the Las Cruces Public Schools to get our kids back to school with everything they usually need, and all of the new things they’re going to need to return this Fall under the PED suggestions and the district’s plans in place.  One thing is for sure- this school year will be far different than any before, and our kids need more support than ever.

All Stuff the Bus donations will be directed to Las Cruces Public School districts and funding will be used to enrich classrooms and distance learning technology for new learning schedules being made right now by the district.  Funds will be used to purchase the needed supplies students need at school and at home. Better funding will give our students better resources, especially as classrooms become more and more technology-based with distance learning more important now than ever.

A new requirement that will be expensive moving forward with school this Fall- required face masks.  Simple cloth face coverings are fine, but when you do the math on each student out of over 25,000 needing clean masks twice a week, you realize where a lot of funding is going to have to be allocated. We need your help.

What will donations be going toward? 

  • Nearly 25,000 students are enrolled within the Las Cruces Public School district
  • Facemasks are going to be a requirement on school grounds
  • Sanitation supplies
  • Technology access for rural and low-income students
  • Internet access for students and teachers
  • Basic supplies that will be able to transition from in-school to home learning throughout the school year

Las Cruces Today Stuff the Bus Radiothon

Let’s Suff the Bus Las Cruces! And let us know if your business wants to be directly involved with the Las Cruces Today Stuff the Bus Radiothon with our Bravo Mic Communications Family of Radio Stations and Las Cruces Public Schools!

Join on-air and on the phones us as we Stuff the Bus live on the air all day Friday, July 31st- broadcasting live on all Bravo Mic Communications radio stations with the Las Cruces Today Stuff the Bus Radiothon!

From 8 am to 5 pm we will be taking your donations and sharing with you stories from our local kids, parents, teachers, and staff right here in Las Cruces. Know where your donation is going and who it will be supporting!

We’ll be taking your donations live on the air all day along with the Administrative staff at Las Cruces Public Schools. This is a pure community effort, supporting our kids, our teachers, our parents, and our local heroes as they move into the new school year.

All press and community are invited to get involved- press inquiries can be made directly by email

Donation links will also be provided here online, through, and all of our partner social media outlets throughout the day of the Las Cruces Today Stuff the Bus Radiothon.