Telshor 12 Drive-In Theater to Play Double Features for Father’s Day Weekend

Just in time for Father’s day weekend, Allen Theaters will be hosting two double-feature movie nights on Friday & Saturday, as well as a showing of the original Fast & Furious on Sunday.  The tickets are sold on a first-come first-serve basis, and are available when the gates open at 7:30 PM.  Admissions are $20 a car, and concessions as well as $5 personal pan pizzas will be for sale on location!

The Friday, June 19th double-feature will be kicked off with the 2001 classic film Shrek at 9:00 PM, followed by Sixteen Candles.  The unique drive-in movie event is set to continue until 1 AM, offering an extremely fun night full of cinema pleasure.

Saturday, June 20th will begin with a 9:00 PM showing of the comedy hit Pitch Perfect.  The second feature in this awesome double-whammy function is the eerily terrifying 2017 remake of the Stephen King story of a killer clown; IT.

For Father’s Day, the skillful curators at Allen Theatres chose a classic film that has a constant and reassuring theme of family and loyalty.  A legendary movie that started one of the longest running American film franchises to exist.  A movie that every father is guaranteed to connect with; the one, the only, Fast and The Furious.

Go check out this awesome throwback experience at the Telshor 12 drive-in theaters, located at 2811 North Telshor Boulevard!

Thank you to Allen Theatres for providing the Las Cruces community with a super fun, family friendly activity to bring us together on a somewhat peculiar Father’s Day.