Trevor Hoyle sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for the 2021 murder of Nathaniel Chee

Twelfth Judicial District Attorney, Scot D. Key, announces a Sentencing was completed on Defendant
Trevor Hoyle, age 27, of Ruidoso, New Mexico. On June 24, 2022, Trevor Hoyle was sentenced to 25 years incarceration in the New Mexico Department of Corrections after he pled guilty to Second-Degree Murder and Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle. Additionally, on a second case, Hoyle pled guilty to Aggravated Burglary With a Deadly Weapon and Larceny of a Firearm.

During the early morning hours of January 15, 2021, a group of individuals gathered at a residence locatedon Chiracahua Lane in Ruidoso, New Mexico. One of the individuals decided he wanted a tattoo and asked if anyone knew someone that could give him a tattoo. Two of the individuals went to the Mescalero Reservation and picked up Nathaniel Chee, knowing he was talented in art and could perform the tattoo on the requesting individual. The individuals then brought Chee back to the residence on Chiracahua Lane toperform the tattoo. Approximately twenty minutes after they arrived back at the residence with Chee, Trevor Hoyle arrived at the residence with another male individual. Whilst the individual was receiving the tattooby Chee, he heard a gunshot and felt something fly past him. This individual relayed to Officers that he saw Hoyle with a sawed-off .20-gauge shotgun pointing it at Chee, realizing at that moment that Hoyle had just shot Chee in the head. Hoyle, after shooting Chee, then pointed the shotgun at the individual and told him to give him the keys to his truck in addition to his money. The individual then surrendered his keys to his 2009 Ford pick-up truck as well as approximately $40.00. Hoyle then fled the scene in the truck.

At approximately 9:00 A.M. that same morning of January 15, 2021, with police actively searching for Hoyle in an unmarked unit, they spotted him driving the 2009 Ford pick-up truck on U.S. Highway 70. They immediately called Ruidoso dispatch for back-up as well as a marked unit enroute to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. A marked Ruidoso Downs Police Department’s unit got behind Hoyle and engaged its’ lights and siren. Hoyle appeared as if he was going to pull over, but rather, slowed, and tossed a black shotgun out from his vehicle window. Hoyle then fled from Ruidoso Downs Police Officers at a high rate of speed. While fleeing, he attempted to pass a pick-up truck traveling in the same direction, when he struck the vehicle’s mirror causing it to break. Hoyle failed to pull over after the minor collision and continued to flee. He eventually lost control of the vehicle causing him to strike a tree, which ultimately disabled the pick-up truck. Officers were then able to detain Hoyle and take him into custody.

The parties appeared for the scheduled Sentencing Hearing on June 24, 2022. Hoyle entered a guilty plea and was sentenced simultaneously. The Honorable Judge, Daniel A. Bryant, sentenced Trevor Hoyle to 25 years incarceration for Second-Degree Murder, Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Burglary With a Deadly Weapon, and Larceny of a Firearm. Hoyle has been in Pre-Trial Detention and held without bond since the date of his arrest on January 15, 2021.

This case was investigated by the Major Crimes Unit. The lead Investigators consisted of Kyle Graham and Daniel Sarkozy of the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Detectives William Lewandowski and Eric Silva of the Alamogordo Police Department, Detective Neal Cox of the Ruidoso Police Department, Detectives Kirk Wilson and Bryce Bailey of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, and New Mexico State Police.

The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is comprised of the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Alamogordo Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Otero County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ruidoso Police Department. The MCU has proven to be a tremendous resource for the entire district, and their cases continue to produce great results in Court.

Hoyle’s case was prosecuted by Chief Deputy District Attorney, RoxeAnne B. Esquibel and Deputy District Attorney, Marcus J. Blais, of the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.


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