Two Parks and Recreation Staff Members Aid Heart Attack Victim

Picture of Moses Nevarez and Michael McLeskey

A quick response recently by two City of Las Cruces Parks and Recreation Department employees may have saved the life of a Las Cruces resident.

Moses Nevarez and Michael Mcleskey, maintenance workers in the Parks and Recreation Department, came to the aid of an ill resident while working at Plaza de Las Cruces on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023. Nevarez and Mcleskey were approached by the distressed citizen, who was complaining about a possible heart attack.

Nevarez and Mcleskey called emergency dispatch and waited for an ambulance to arrive. While waiting for paramedics, Nevarez and Mcleskey tried to keep the resident calm.

“This was just an awesome job by both Moses and Michael,” said Robert Nuñez, Interim Parks and Recreation Department Director. “Thanks to both of them for being remarkable City employees and amazing human beings. Their communication, quick thinking and calm demeanor greatly assisted in this emergency situation.”

Mike Molinar, Parks Maintenance Crew Leader, added, “It is important to recognize the quick thinking and teamwork that Moses and Michael displayed, it very well may have saved a life. Moses and Michael’s quick response brings great credit upon them, the Parks and Recreation Department, and the City of Las Cruces.”


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