Las Cruces about 280 Million Years Ago

Our little desert used to be a tropic region- with shallows seas beaches, plenty of water, and lots of weird
life…you can pretty much find an ancient seashell anywhere you dig in the Mesilla Valley.

And lots of footprints- we have a whole national monument dedicated to them
This one is called a dimetrodon those cute claws and giant sail are still being studied by scientists, but what we do know is that dimetrodon is more closely related to us, mammals, than it is to the dinosaurs that came to our area after the Permian extinction.

Dimetorodon’s cute little footprints are pretty easy to find in Las Cruces today just off of Shalam Colony Road and a quick hike into the hills on the west Mesa. BLM has even recently renovated the trail leading to the tracks.

Take a hike! And let us know if you find something amazing in Las Cruces Today.


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