Wild Live Events- All About Horned Owls Virtual Show


Tune in to a very special virtual show this Tuesday May 26th: ‘All About Horned Owls’ hosted by the New Mexico Wildlife Center. The Horned Owl, a legendary nocturnal bird the size of a hawk, will be discussed at length by the experts from the New Mexico Wildlife Center. Bubo the Great Horned Owl will also be joining the live stream! Bubo “imprinted” on humans as a nestling, and he now works as an Animal Ambassador for the New Mexico Wildlife Center!

There will also be a Wild Live Event tomorrow, Thursday May 21st. ‘What is an Owl’ will be starting at 2PM, and will give a broader picture of this magnificent beast! The New Mexico Wildlife Center invites you to “Find out what makes an owl an owl, the similarities and differences between species, and get to know Corazon the Barn Owl, and Oscar the Great Horned Owl.”

Click Here for the 2PM Thursday May 21st live stream ‘What is an Owl’

Click Here for the 2PM Tuesday May 26th live stream ‘All About Horned Owls’