ABCAt the end of the whirlwind year that was 2020, Dierks Bentley is looking forward to a mellow New Year’s Eve. Dierks recalls that New Years past have been spent partying after playing a live show, and admits that the back-to-back events can be a bit overwhelming.  “New Year’s is rough. New Year’sRead More →

ABC/Image Group LALuke Bryan and family are beachside for a post-holiday vacation.  In a series of photos and videos posted on Instagram by Luke’s mother, LeClaire Bryan, the family is vacationing somewhere tropical with palm trees and crystal blue waters.  Among the other family members on the trip are Luke’s wife, Caroline, their two sons Bo and Tate, nephew Til,Read More →

Matthew BerinatoKane Brown and his wife Katelyn are finding ways to amuse themselves at home. Last week, Kane posted a blooper reel of himself trying to imitate his wife, promising that a full video was forthcoming. Kane delivered on this promise with a video of him and Katelyn attempting their best impressions of each other. The clip begins withRead More →