420 Stupid Criminal Tacos and Shell-as Liners

This 4:20 Stupid Criminal segment brought to you by Tacos And Shell-Ahs, the place you want to go for the freshest, tastiest tacos and seafoods in Las Cruces!


-It’s getting to that point in the day: the stomach is starting to growl, you’re thinking about dinner. It’s the perfect time to think about delicious tacos like the ones at Tacos and Shell-Ahs!


-Check out Tacos and Shell-Ahs on Facebook for more info on their menu that includes a variety of unique items, including healthy and gluten free options, the street style seafood, and Mexican clamatoes.


-Tacos and Shell-Ahs. Open 11am every day. 1120 Commerce Drive, Suite A near Sam’s Club. Because a taco day is a happy day!

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