Deep Purple shares preview of new “Smoke on the Water” video


Deep Purple is set to release a new animated video for their classic tune “Smoke on the Water” on March 1, and they’re sharing a preview of what to expect.

In a sneak peek of the clip, co-directors Dan Gibling and Luke McDonnell share their inspiration for the video, describing the tune as “one of the most iconic rock songs of all time.”

“Beyond the scope for people that like rock music, people know this song,” Gibling says. “So the story is contained within the lyrics, is about them making the record, and the time is running out. So all these lyrics start conjuring up ideas of a race and a chase to make this record.”

As for the decision to animate the video, McDonnell notes, “The beauty of animation, it completely opens up your world, you know, you’re not limited by anything.” He adds, “There’s a really interesting integration between our fictional world and honoring the real story that actually happened.”

“Smoke on the Water” was inspired by the events that surrounded the recording of Deep Purple’s 1972 album, Machine Head. In 1971 the band planned to record at Montreux Casino, but the venue caught fire during a concert by Frank Zappa. The title is a reference to smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva.

Deep Purple recently released a 2024 remix of “Smoke on the Water” as part of a preview of their super deluxe edition of Machine Head, which is due out March 29. It is available for preorder now.

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