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You Morning Show with Donna Dollar! Donna is keeping you up to date with the latest in Las Cruces Today. Local news headlines with Jack Nixon, weather hourly with ABC & Storm-track Meteorology, and the funniest stories to get you smiling for the day!

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas and will be coming up on her 25th year in radio at the end of November. She started at a Radio Station in El Paso where she worked for twelve years before she joined the Bravo Mic Communications Family  and will celebrate her 13th year at 101 Gold very soon.  Donna made the move to Las Cruces in 2009  where she  decided to make her permanent home after buying her own home almost 5 years ago.  She caught the radio bug from her Father Johnny Dollar who was a well known broadcaster in El Paso for most of his career.  Donna would voice commercials and even did TV spots for Car Commercials as well as follow her Dad to Live Broadcast and that is where it all began. In her spare time Donna loves being with her Family and Friends and is a huge supporter of rescuing her babies from the shelter.  She enjoys taking her Abby Maye to the park for a nice walk each day and seeing the beautiful Mountains from her home.  Donna loves being on air and cannot imagine doing anything else.  She appreciates the loyal listeners and all the support she get from them.  Donna feels very blessed to have a job that she loves and great listners to share time and memories with.


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