ablokhin/iStockBy CATHERINE THORBECKE, ABC News (WASHINGTON) — U.S. employers added 379,000 jobs last month, pushing the unemployment rate for February down by a fraction of a percentage point to 6.2%, the Department of Labor said Friday. Friday’s jobs report highlights how the pace of the labor market’s recovery remains hamperedRead More →

nktwentythree/iStockBy TONY MORRISON, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Julius’ Bar is staying open for business. The historic bar in the heart of New York City’s West Village neighborhood is a getting a financial boost to stay open amid the brutal economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The GillRead More →

andresr/iStockBy KELLY MCCARTHY, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Asian American communities have experienced a rise in hate incidents since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and with a resurgence in reports of racist behavior, restaurants, food industry professionals and policy leaders are sending a resounding message: “Stop Asian Hate.” SomeRead More →

Delmaine Donson/iStockBy JACQUELINE LAUREAN YATES, ABC News (HARTFORD, Conn.) — Connecticut is the latest state to take action toward passing a law to ban discrimination against race-based ethnic hairstyles in workplaces and schools. The state’s Senate voted 33-0 to pass the CROWN Act, an acronym for Creating a Respectful andRead More →

LPETTET/iStockBy ADISA HARGETT-ROBINSON, ABC News (NEW YORK) — As Congress debates the latest coronavirus relief bill, many await their much-needed aid, while others, desperate for help, will never see the benefits. “I have not received any benefits,” Rosa Arelvo, an essential worker, said. “I haven’t received anything, I think becauseRead More →

Wolterk/iStockBy JACQUELINE LAUREAN YATES, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Ahead of International Women’s Day, Mattel has introduced a new Barbie inspired by the life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt. The latest doll, featuring the former first lady, was revealed on Wednesday and is a part of the company’s “Inspiring Women”Read More →