jamielawton/iStock (LONDON) — Flanked by public health officials, the U.K. Health Secretary painted a bleak picture of the current state of the pandemic in Britain. “Cases are rising,” Sajid Javid, told the nation this week. “And they could go yet as high as 100,000 a day. We’re also seeing greaterRead More →

Vacclav/iStock (WASHINGTON) — The Biden administration is again playing cleanup after President Joe Biden said the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s defense in the event of an invasion by mainland China — despite decades of policy that leaves that an open question. His comment prompted a stern warning from theRead More →

iweta0077/iStock (LONDON) — Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized Wednesday night for “preliminary investigations,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed to ABC News. The queen was back at her desk at Windsor Castle by Thursday afternoon and undertaking light duties. No other details about the queen’s condition are currently available. “Following medical adviceRead More →

NiroDesign/iStock (GIZA, Egypt) — Seventy-two years of Egyptian women’s rights activism paid off this week as the State Council, an important independent judiciary body in the country, appointed 98 female judges for the first time. Iman Sherif, one of the appointed judges, described the move as “historic” during the swearing-inRead More →

BethWolff43/iStock (NEW YORK) — Ivory poaching has led to a “rapid evolution” of tuskless African elephants, as elephants without tusks were far more likely to survive during the height of the ivory trade, according to new research. Much of the distress on the species occurred during the Mozambican Civil WarRead More →

damircudic/iStock (NEW YORK) — Eight Nigerians have been charged in the U.S. with running widespread internet scams for at least a decade from their base of operation in Cape Town, South Africa, federal prosecutors in New Jersey announced Wednesday. The suspects, who were arrested in Cape Town and are awaitingRead More →

omersukrugoksu/iStock (AL-TANF, Syria) — There were no U.S. military injuries or deaths resulting from a coordinated attack Wednesday on a small remote U.S. military base at al Tanf, Syria, according to two U.S. officials. The attack “at a minimum” involved drones and “indirect fire,” the military term for mortar orRead More →

Pawel Gaul/iStock (NEW YORK) — Survivors of a previous kidnapping by the notorious Haitian gang 400 Mawozo have revealed details about what life was like as a hostage, with the group currently demanding a $17 million ransom to set free 16 Americans and one Canadian they have captive. The group ofRead More →