Warner Bros. – 2017(NEW YORK) — Oscar-nominated actress Diane Lane is excited about the forthcoming “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. “Oh, I think it’s fantastic!” Lane gushed to ABC Audio about the birth of the new version. “A one-way street became a two-way street in terms of the fans responding to the material,Read More →

CURTIS BONDS BAKER/NETFLIX © 2020(LOS ANGELES) — After fans binged the recently-dropped third season of the Karate Kid spin-off Cobra Kai, its cliffhanger ending left them aching for more — so much so that the online sportsbook My Bookie is taking wagers on what will happen in the show’s forthcoming fourth season. In the cliffhanger,Read More →

Bill Oxford/iStockBy DR. SEAN LLEWELLYN and SONY SALZMAN, ABC News (NEW YORK) — Two independent research groups published findings confirming what many scientists have long suspected: The U.S. has its own unique COVID-19 viral variants that are distinct from the U.K. and South African lineages making headlines in recent weeks.Read More →

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — Liam Neeson has acquired a very particular set of skills over the course of the years as an actor and now, he’s thinking about laying them to rest.  While speaking with Entertainment  Tonight, the Taken series star revealed that retirement is in the near future.  “Oh, yeah. I think so,” he said.Read More →

CURTIS BONDS BAKER/NETFLIX © 2020(NEW YORK) — Actor Martin Kove, who reprises his role as villainous karate instructor John Kreese in Netflix’s Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai, says he had to be “persuaded” to accept the role. “I was only interested in doing this role if he was a multifaceted character,” he tells the New York Post.Read More →

James Devaney/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) Ben Affleck revisited his “Bennifer” days and detailed the racism Jennifer Lopez endured during their brief engagement. Speaking Thursday to The Hollywood Reporter for its Awards Chatter podcast to promote his upcoming film The Way Back, the 48-year-old actor recalled the abuse tabloids hurled at Lopez when news broke of their romance. “There’s always a story of the month, and me datingRead More →