Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The 2022 midterm cycle is not even done yet, with Georgia’s runoff next month leaving the U.S. Senate’s margin in question, and speculation over the 2024 presidential race is swallowing up media coverage. But already, Democrats and Republicans are positioning themselves for congressional runs inRead More →

George Frey/Getty Images (SPRINGDALE, UTAH) — A 31-year-old woman was found dead at Zion National Park in Utah after her husband reported the couple experienced symptoms of hypothermia while camping in the park. The husband told authorities the couple were on a permitted 16-mile hike in the park’s Narrows sectionRead More →

Michelle Franzen/ABC News (DARIAN, CONNECTICUT) — Susan and Ted Holmes opened up their home to Liudmyla and Volodya Stepnyk and their three children, Yulia, Dmytro and Veronika, under the Biden administration’s “Uniting for Ukraine” resettlement program. The Ukrainian family will celebrate their first Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., gathering aroundRead More →

Yellowstone Cougar Project (YELLOWSTONE, WYOMING) — Researchers studying grey wolf populations in Yellowstone National Park have discovered an intriguing reason why some wolves may be more inclined to become pack leaders. Grey wolves exposed to Toxoplasma gondii — the parasite that causes the disease toxoplasmosis — are more than 46Read More →