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(Audio) Lt. Governor Howie Morals: Getting Back To School, Working Together, and Continued Public Health Orders

Lt. Governor Howie Morales called into 101 Gold early this morning and spoke with Lyndsey Kalson about getting our kids back to school this Fall, the latest news to come from Santa Fe’s special Legislative session, balancing our state budget, the New Mexico’s continued response to COVID-19. You can hear

Community Spotlight- ACTion Programs For Animals (Audio)

Michel Meunier with Action Program for Animals written by Justin Adkins of Bravo Mic Communications  In one way or another, people are passionate creatures. A spark flashes inside someone. That spark gets fanned into a flame, fueling someone to do…what? When does an action become a purpose? For an answer,

Peaceful Protests to Continue in Las Cruces- Austin Trout and Tommy Black Host Event Saturday (Audio)

As peaceful protests centered around the “Black Lives Matter” movement continue in Las Cruces, one of the major questions is “How do we move on?” That exact discussion will be held at another Black Lives Matter event in Plaza De Las Cruces this Saturday evening. The entire community is invited

Weekly Motivation with Guzman Sport Karate and Kickboxing

Weekly Motivation with Eli Guzman- this week is all about Loving and Respecting each other. Weekly Motivation brought to you by Guzman Sport Karate and Kick Boxing. Ricky T spoke with Sensei Guzman about making decisions and doing the right thing. Sensei also touched on communicating, respectfully, when you don’t

Spaceport Spotlight- June 2020- New Mexico The Hub For Global Wifi in The Future?

Public Relations Director Alice Carruth of Spaceport America stopped by the Bravo Mic  Communications Studios for our monthly Las Cruces Today Spaceport Spotlight. You can follow all of our Science News updates anytime in the menu above to stay up to date! About Spaceport America Spaceport America is the first

Local Las Crucens Taking Responsibility to Keep Rio Grande Beautiful in Las Cruces

When Dona Ana County and the International Boundary and Water Commission put out the call to citizens to help keep our Rio Grande clean, Las Cruces stepped up. You can see the recent article Las Cruces Today shared, including drone footage of the trash seen along the riverbanks in the

Council Votes No on Emergency Proclamation- What The Mayor Says Now (Audio)

City Council Votes No on the Extension of Emergency Proclamation At a special meeting Monday, the Las Cruces City Council voted unanimously (0-7) against the extension of the emergency proclamation issued by Mayor Ken Miyagishima on Friday, May 29, providing guidance and information for the reopening of restaurants, movie theatres, gyms and nail and hair salons in Las Cruces.  The

NM Governor- “Here’s What Changes June 1st”- Press Conference Breakdown (Audio)

Press Conference Breakdown (Audio) On-time and right to business today, New Mexico Governor Michell Lujan Grisham began with the latest case numbers per the NM Department of Health. Hear the full press conference here, please note there were several moments of audio drop-outs during the press conference. The Highlights The

Start of Summer Update from Las Cruces Public Schools- Grads, Meals, and More (Audio)

  Start of Summer Update from Las Cruces Public Schools- Grads, Meals, and More (Audio) Kelly Jameson, Public Information Officer for Las Cruces Public Schools provides the latest update from Las Cruces Public Schools- Friday Grad Schedule at Feild of Dreams Centennial High School Friday, May 22 9 a.m. Rio

Community Spotlight-Hooper Power Team at Keller Williams

Jody Hooper of the Hooper Power Team at Keller Williams written by Justin Adkins, Bravo Mic Communications If ever the road of life was littered with obstacles-so many seemingly insurmountable-this might be that time. Scary viruses; quarantines; lack of goods; no job; no money; no certainty in the next step