Bigandt_Photography/iStockBy TOMEK ROLSKI, ABC News (KRAKOW, Poland) — “Poland is an example for Europe and the world,” chanted the hundreds of pro-life activists gathered outside the Constitutional Court in Warsaw last Thursday. Their outburst of enthusiasm came after the court had ruled to almost completely ban abortions. But on Tuesday,Read More →

Viktorcvetkovic/iStockBY: PATRICK REEVELL, ABC NEWS (NEW YORK) —Workers and students across Belarus declared strikes on Monday, heeding a call for a national strike to try to force authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko to resign at the start of what could be an important week for the country’s protest movement. The strikeRead More →

Duminda Cooray/iStockBY: PATRICK REEVELL, ABC NEWS(NEW YORK) — Police used stun grenades and fired non-lethal weapons on Sunday to attack peaceful protesters in Belarus’ capital who are demanding the resignation of authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko. An estimated 100,000 protesters marched peacefully through Minsk in what appeared to be the largestRead More →