Universal(LOS ANGELES) — The first official trailer for Candyman has dropped, and Jordan Peele has brought fans a chilling preview to his highly anticipated remake of the 1992 classic horror film. Set in a now-gentrified section of Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green housing projects, where the Candyman’s original murders took place,Read More →

Universal Studios(LOS ANGELES) — A new take on The Invisible Man hits theaters this weekend. Unlike previous incarnations of the classic Universal “monster” tale, this one packs a real-life emotional punch. The film stars Handmaid’s Tale Emmy-winner Elisabeth Moss as a woman in an abusive relationship with a man she thought was dead.  A brilliant scientist,Read More →

DNY59/iStock(GREENVILLE, Miss.) — For the second time in about a month, hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Yo Gotti are financially backing a federal lawsuit against the Mississippi prison system, bringing the number of inmates complaining of being subjected to “barbaric” conditions to 181. The new lawsuit was filed on Wednesday inRead More →

KOCO-TV(NORMAN, Okla.) — University of Oklahoma administrators say they will make changes in the wake of a sit-in by students protesting two incidents in which professors used racial slurs while teaching class. The first incident occured on Feb. 11, when journalism professor Peter Gade compared the offensiveness of the phraseRead More →

Netflix(NEW YORK) — The second season of Netflix’s sci-fi series Altered Carbon is now available for your streaming pleasure — though co-star Will Yun Lee says preparing for his role in the show was considerably less fun. Some background first.  In the futuristic show, a person’s consciousness can be uploadedRead More →