Lt. Governor Howie Morales called into 101 Gold early this morning and spoke with Lyndsey Kalson about getting our kids back to school this Fall, the latest news to come from Santa Fe’s special Legislative session, balancing our state budget, the New Mexico’s continued response to COVID-19. You can hearRead More →

Lyndsey Kalson of Las Cruces Today and Bravo Mic Communications had her weekly sit-down-and-call-on with New Mexico’s Lt. Governor, Howie Morales this Monday afternoon- May 18th. Just two days into the latest updates to New Mexico’s Public Health Orders. A full run-down of changes, extensions, relaxations of policies, and moreRead More →

Las Cruces Mayor Speaks with Jack Nixon on 5/4/2020 ahead of Governor’s Press Conference Jack Nixon, News Director for Bravo Mic Communications On Air News Headlines, had a chance to sit down with the Mayor of Las Cruces for an update on the city’s response to official State orders whenRead More →