Lyndsey Kalson of Las Cruces Today and Brian Clark, a local musician and now event planner, talked recently on the phone about a grassroots endeavor to bring together our array of talented musicians with our unique local businesses. The idea- local businesses in Las Cruces invite local musicians to performRead More →

Over this weekend, Lea County elected official ,KT Manis, published official emails reporting local businesses throughout New Mexico during the Public Stay at Home Health Order in Late April 2020. Many citizens were under the assumption that reports made to Dispatch Services during the public health order would be privateRead More →

Lockdowns. Social-distancing. Quarantines. How long ago was quarantine even word you could spell off the top of your head? Since the COVID-19 Pandemic reached America, they’ve all become part of casual conversations in the Mesilla Valley. They are all just parts of daily life now. But what happened to thoseRead More →