(Audio) Lt. Governor Howie Morales On Latest Public Health Update, “Trick or treating, unfortunately, will not be permitted this year, but…” Lyndsey Kalson, host of Real Country Afternoons on KXPZ Zia Country, and Operations Manager of Bravo Mic Communications and Las Cruces Today sat down for a chat with Lt.Read More →

Lt. Governor Howie Morales called into the Bravo Mic Communications studios with Lyndsey Kalson of Las Cruces Today to announce the Las Cruces and Dona Ana County portion of funds being allocated from the national CARES Act. According to Lt. Governor Morales, Las Cruces City Government will receive over $7Read More →

Lt. Governor for New Mexico, Howie Morales called in with Lyndsey Kalson of Las Cruces Today. We’re getting to our national census deadline and he wants to ensure each person in New Mexico takes the time to answer the census. Many important programs and federal funding depends on current numbers,Read More →

Lyndsey Kalson of Las Cruces Today and Bravo Mic Communications had her weekly sit-down-and-call-on with New Mexico’s Lt. Governor, Howie Morales this Monday afternoon- May 18th. Just two days into the latest updates to New Mexico’s Public Health Orders. A full run-down of changes, extensions, relaxations of policies, and moreRead More →